Church Equipping highlights

Some testimonies and highlights from people engaged in our church equipping process.

Listen to a few testimonies from our recent leadership training and outreach at Will Rogers UMC in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Everyday Missionary Series

A series highlighting everyday missionaries...testimonies of how Christians in the U.S. are learning to embody and share the Good News about Jesus right where they live, work, and play.

Ty from Troy, Ohio shares his story of a recent encounter inspired by a pastor from his college years. Ty shares about how this conversation never would have happened had he waited for this man to come to his church.

Rob from Hamilton, Ohio shares his story about how God has been stirring him to get out of the building and share Jesus with people in the neighborhood.


2019 Spirit & Truth Conference

A few of the talks from our first ever conference held in Dayton, Ohio from March 7-9, 2019.

March 8 Morning Session - Plain Truth Podcast (Dr. Scott Kisker, Maggie Ulmer, and Dr. David Watson)

March 9 Morning Session - Matt Reynolds

This video kicked off our 2019 Spirit & Truth Conference and led us into a time of prayer for the church. "What is your prayer for the twenty-first century church?"

About Spirit & Truth

In about a minute (or a few) the President of Spirit & Truth, Matt Reynolds, explains what this ministry is all about.

What is Spirit & Truth?

What does Spirit & Truth actually do?

What's with all the "Wesleyan" stuff?

What's with the name?