What's with the name?

The phrase "Spirit and Truth" comes directly from a quote from Jesus himself in John 4. While speaking to the woman at the well Jesus talks about the kind of worshippers that his Father seeks, ones that worship "in Spirit and in truth." Historically, one of the things that made the Wesleyan renewal movement so powerful was John Wesley's emphasis on the combination of both heart and head. Wesley had a conviction that the Christian life was to include both the truth of God's word and the experiential power of his Spirit. This ministry seeks to bring a renewed focus to this kind of wholistic approach to Christianity. We don't want to chase after only experience, but we we also don't want a bunch of knowledge that doesn't lead to changed living. The full life that Jesus offers is a life lived in the power of the Holy Spirit, who guides us into all truth.


what is this ministry all about? what do you do?

Check out our Purpose & Focus.


what do you believe?

See our Statement of Faith.


is spirit & truth officially associated with a certain denomination or particular seminary?

No. We are a diverse group broadly committed to Wesleyan-minded Christianity. The Wesleyan family tree is full of many denominations, styles and schools. Spirit & Truth seeks to include people across that spectrum.


how is spirit & truth funded?

Spirit & Truth is a tax-deductible 501(c)(3) organization that entirely funded by donations from individuals and churches who desire to see this vision sweep across our country. The Lord continues to provide through people just like you. If you feel prompted to give towards this mission, click here to donate.


how do I invite spirit & truth to come to my church?

Check out information about our equipping process.