Church Equipping Process

Spirit & Truth works with churches and leaders in individual churches or regional gatherings to help catalyze and practically implement new methods for outreach and discipleship. It all starts with a simple invitation which leads to a follow-up discernment process. Our team tries to discern ripe opportunities where the Holy Spirit is already at work, strategic leadership is in place, and where there is a true hunger to see a new Gospel movement. Below is a brief summary of the one year equipping process and some answers to frequently asked questions. Interested? Feel like Spirit & Truth may be a good fit for your church? Give us a call or send us a note and we can get started discerning together if the time and situation is right for Spirit & Truth to come to your community.

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  • We begin with a simple invitation by a pastor or church leader

  • An invitation leads to an exploration process that guides the pastor and church leaders through some self assessment questions to discern fit and timing

  • Spirit & Truth then works with the pastor and church leaders to discern the Lord’s leading about possibly working in a given region

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  • If church leaders and Spirit & Truth discern it’s right to move forward together, a several month training process begins

  • This time span will include regular video conference meetings, a congregational prayer focus, and one in-person weekend gathering to prepare the church’s leadership and congregation

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  • All the prayer and preparation leads up to a launch event called the Awaken Weekend

  • During this multi-day event, church leadership who was trained during the previous months helps lead the congregation in hands-on learning of new methods of outreach and discipleship

  • The weekend culminates with church members committing to new outreach and discipleship practices, including Wesleyan-style class and band meetings

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  • After the Awaken Weekend, Spirit & Truth continues to work with the participating churches for several months

  • This follow-up period focuses on continuing to embed newly learned outreach and discipleship tools as a lifestyle

  • After a year of new-culture shaping, the church is ready to begin multiplying what has been planted

How much does this cost?

Let's just get this out of the way, right up front. Isn't this the question every pastor wonders when they hear about some new opportunity or program? Here's the answer: nothing...and everything. Our ministry is funded entirely by individuals and churches who share this vision for a new movement of back-to-the-basics evangelism and discipleship in the 21st Century. When Spirit & Truth partners with a local church we come to be a blessing and there is no financial obligation. This allows us to go where the Spirit leads, regardless of church size or economic status. Of course some churches are able to help with travel expenses, etc. and some churches, as they are blessed by this process decide, to invest financially in the ministry to help carry the vision forward for others. But the bottom line is...don't make this decision based on dollars, because we come with no financial expectation. So why would we say "nothing...and everything?" Because there will definitely be a cost. Real discipleship is costly and so is pursuing change and new life in your church. This is not a process designed to simply add a new program to your church. Our desire is to help you shift the whole culture of your congregation...and that is hard work that takes serious investment!

How long does the training process take?

Our standard equipping process is designed to be a one year commitment like is outlined above. We are not interested in simply helping you plan an event. (The American Church is not short on events!) We want to work with your leadership to help you pursue sustained change in the lives of individuals and the life of your congregation. That doesn't happen overnight. We want to work with you as long as is necessary to make these new practices a lifestyle, not just a temporary fad.

Is there any follow-up after this one-year process?

Our desire is to continue to resource and equip all the churches we work with for the long haul. That's the reason we are working to provide online resources and the Spirit & Truth Institute to help give practical content and teaching to keep fueling your local movement. We also offer the annual Spirit & Truth Conference where churches and leaders who have partnered with Spirit & Truth can connect with like-minded leaders for yearly encouragement in this vision and continued learning.

Interested? Contact us and let’s start a conversation.